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"Maw, we goinna head fer Texas - gonna be rough goin', but its gonna git us some dirt holdin's and git us a big spread"!

hey came, slow at first, some with families, some with military units to help the "Texicans" win their Independence from Mexico. After Texas became a Republic and on the way to statehood they really "popped the whip" and high-tailed it cross the Misi'sip! This site concentrates on the Andrews and Jackson families who were amongst the many early settlers within the area - hopefully you will find your "lost" ancestors among those who went through the extreme difficulties (hostile Injuns and all sorta critters) in establishing the Republic of Texas and then onto statehood. Don't go 'way - if your're lookin' for 'nuther surname - take a peek at the links - here for you to find your families who mighta come to receive up to and sometimes over 4000 acres of land (if they were here in 'nuf time), as well as learn more about my stompin' ground since my ole' Sam'l Andrews came crossed the border in 1835. Oh yeah - check out the Civil War link - many came into Texas after the "war between the states" and were settled long 'nuf to qualify for Texas Confederate War Pensions


Andrews' in Texas
Jackson's in Texas
Jackson "Hitchin' Post"
Marriages of Early Texans
Andrews "Hitchin' Post"
Marriages of Early Texans
Texas C.S.A. Pension Applications
Samuel Andrews
My Andrews Family
Thomas Jefferson Jackson
My Jackson Family
Texas Research Links
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