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*Stephen F. Austin's Register of Families Edited by Villame Williams - reprint by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. In order to abide by Mexican Law - Austin was required to register all foreigners to include name, marital and/or family status, place of birth, where moved from, occupation and when immigrant took oath of allegiance to both the religion and laws of Mexico - From the originals in the General Land Office; Austin, Texas A MUST FOR EARLY TEXAS RESEARCH
*Austin Colony Pioneers by Worth Ray; Distributed by Jenkins Publishing Company, Austin, Texas & Genealogical Publishing, Inc. A "down home" approach covering the Austin Colony which includes not only history, but also family information on those who settled in Bastrop, Fayette, Grimes, Montgomery and Washington Counties, Texas - FANTASTIC TEXAS RESOURCE
*The New Texas Handbook published by The Texas State Historical Assoc. A six volume set - A REMARKABLE "history encyclopedia as well as biographical/geographical dictionary of Texas - an exhaustive effort was made to correct errors contained within the original - some errors still remain
*Marriage Records of Early Texas 1824-1846 published by The Fort Worth Genealogical Society Compiled by Norma Rutledge Grammer - Exhausting effort by loyal Texans who went into courthouses and copied the records.  These marriages were first published serially in the Bulletin of the Fort Worth  Genealogical Society - goes into depth on early Texas Marriage Bonds..  Has become a "WELL USED" resource within my library..
Early American Marriages: Texas to 1850 by Jordon Dodd, et al; Precision Publishers; Bountiful, Utah A collection of Early Texas Marriages up to the time of Texas' first Federal Census of 1850. A MUST for comparison of information regarding Early Texas Marriages - Now online through by membership.
*Indian Depredations in Texas by J. W. Wilbarger 1889 -   reprint published by Eakin Press Statehouse Books, Austin, Texas A CAN'T PUT DOWN BOOK on Early Texas- Accounts of Battles, Wars, Adventures, Forays, Murders, Massacres together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters, Frontier  Rangers and frontiersmen of Texas.
1840 Citizens of Texas by Gifford White; Austin, Texas A multi-volume set of reference books -ABSOLUTELY  NECESSARY to understand early Texas laws, land grants, tax laws, items to be taxed and how much, etc., as well as a listing of early Texans involved within each volume according to category of the volume.
*Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846 Compiled by Marion Day Mullins; Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. By 1846, when Texas became the thirty-sixth state, there were sixty-seven counties already organized within the state.  This 1846 poll list is the closest thing Texas has as a COMPLETE CENSUS of the time period.  There are 16 "Andrews" listed as head-of-households and 48 "Jackson" families. Many had already perished due to the extreme hardships they had to endure.
"Papers Co9ncerning Robertson's Colony In Texas", Compiled and Edited by Malcom D. McLean, Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, Texas. OUTSTANDING RESOURCE 19-volume set covering Texas 1788-1842.  There is no comparision of material covering this region of Texas through the translation of actual archival records. Visit Texian Web for to see of the entire reproduction of Volume 1  - (over 567 pages w/index which is searchable by your web browser.
*The Evolution of a State or Recollections of Old Texas Days by Noah Smithwick - reprint by University of Texas Press, Austin,Tx An ABSOLUTE MUST to really understand your early Texas ancestor! "Best of all books dealing with life in Texas. Bully reading."...J.Frank Dobie. Covers the time period of 1827-1861, or at least take the time to read the Online Edition through Lone Star Junction -   gives you the feeling "You Are There"!
  * A Texas Scrapbook by D. W. C. Baker - originally printed in 1875 - reprint 1991 by The Texas State Hisstorical Association; Austin, Texas Originally printed as a subscription non-indexed book - now Indexed - Baker attempted to compile selections that captured nostalgia for an older pioneer life many Texans thought was ending. This book stands as both an historical document and a research tool.  A must within any library.
  *Kentucky Colonization in Texas - A History of the Peters Colony by Seymour V. Connor; 1953 - Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore, Md. 1994 Originally appeared in eight consecutive installments in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society between January 1953 and October 1954.  Not only does this book point out the Republic of Texas Colonization Law, but also gives a vivid description of Its Originators, and the difficulties encountered establishing the colony in 1841.  Names of the settlers are given, marital status, county where settled, year migrated, birth state as well as state migrating from, literate or illiterate, and how many children.
  *Character Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas edited by Gifford White - From the files of the General Land Office, Austin, Texas; 1885 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore, Md. To ensure new quality Aanglo-American settlers, Mexico's colonization laws required the immigrants prove their good characer either by providing credentials from their homeland or having two witnesses to vouch for them...thence the character certificates.  From these files, place of origin, marital status, occupation, and family size is provided
  *Roemer's Texas 1845 to 1847 by Dr. Ferdinand Roemer - originally printed in Germany in 1849, translated in English by Oswald Mueller in 1935 and reprinted in 1967-now published by Eakin Press of  Austin, Texas Roemer's Texas has long been considered one of the best narrtive accounts of life in erly Texas.  Dr. Ferdinand Roemer was a German scientist, who traveled through Texas during the mid 1800s and recorded his observations in detail, especially the plant and animal life, and the daily life of the settlers and Indians.  He was most interested in attempting to evaluate all possible aspects of Central Texas which became the homeland for German immigrants.  Some names are given, but the most important aspect of this book is the economic, social, geographic and political factors he observed during his travels of some 20,000 miles.  The events, places, and physical features given lend to a greater understanding of how the people survived and conditions they had to endure.
*Gone to Texas: Genealogial Abstracts from The Telegraph and Texas Register 1835-1841 Compiled by Kevin Ladd and published by Heritage Books; 1994 Not Indexed, but full of any and everything you can think of from deaths, marriages, births, and notices from stateside sheriffs advising law Rangers and Sheriffs of the Republic of Texas to "be on the look for......."  - FANTASTIC READING, GREAT INFORMATION, all in chronological order.


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