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Lone Star Junction    Lone Star Junction isn't a 5 STAR site - it's a 6 STAR site - visit each area - all important to you - don't miss a one - especially Lone Star Junction's Online version of Noah Smithwick's book The Evolution of a State - also, take a break and enjoy the good ole "Songs of Texas"! .
The Political Graveyard             Geographic Index to Cemeteries in Texas where known political figures are buried - You will find the State Cemetery in Travis County
Texas State Library
and Archives Commission
Your Online access to the Texas State Archives, Reference Documents, Sam Houston Center as well as the Genealogy Collection - all important - for ease use the "HELP/Site Index" shown below the boxed chart - you'll want to check out the Confederate Pension Index, Adj. Gen. military service records,Republic Claims Index - and many more..
Texas State Historical
Here, you will find the Online version of The Handbook of Texas + many good links.   Search engine provided
The Alamo Impressive site not only about the historic site, but also has very  informative links given.
The Texian Web A top notch site with search engine available as well as an excellent Texas Research links  - Don't over look any of them.  You'll find Vol 1 of The Robertson's Colony Papers here..
The Texas GenWeb Project An absolute must in order to obtain County records as well as additional local resource information - before you go to the individual county sites, make sure you check out the Texas Census & Cemetery Projects.
Military Rolls of the Republic
of Texas 1835-1842
Another "masterpiece" of online Texas resource information accomplished by Dave Maxey.   He is responsible for putting Vol 1 of The Robertson's Colony Papers online, as well as the minutes of The Republic of Texas Veterans of DeWitt County, Texas, which can be seen through the DeWitt County GenWeb site..
Civil War Related Links A good composite of Civil War Rosters
Cyndi's List A remarkable collection of Texas genealogy sites - well known, well used!
Fort Worth's 150th Birthday Celebration Visit my stompin' grounds - Fort Worth, Texas - better known to the ole timers as "Cowtown". A friendly, unique "town type atmosphere" with a "city flavor"!  A very historical site about a very historical area of Texas.  Site description shown below the logo.

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Fort Worth celebrating 150 years throughout 1999 - The Literary Treasures shown within the site are "mini-stories about the area - Be sure and take the Photographic Tour (don't miss those photo found within the Library of Congress) to see how we've grown, learn about the social, economic, geographic, and political factors of our growth - very historical in nature about our past,  our present (how we have maintained our western heritage plus made the addition of our fantastic fine arts development), and our mission for the future.  Click on the link above logo to visit.



More to come - Left 'em on the Trail - gotta go back and get 'em.

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